Ecodesign comes to smartphones!

I suggest to read the excellet, as usual, Right To Repair blog post for further details.

The TL;DR is that from June 2025 those devices will have to factor in repairability, forcing them to provide hardware spare parts and information for 8at least 7 year* after stopping distributing the product (and 5 years for software updates).

This is huge really! I’ve been fixing smartphones for “passion” since at least 10 years ago. I fondly remember the first time I pried open by Samsung Galaxy SII 😱

During the last years most smartphones have come so much repair unfriendly (both on costs, spare parts & manufacturing “complexity” - like using a lot of plastic connections or glue) that repairing them is a real challenge, and is quite difficult to make them last more than 5 years. To me, 5 years is the minimum target life for a smartphone given the abundance of scarce metals and resources needed in its manufacturing process.

So I’m more than happy!

And in case you want the future now, there are two active manufacturing companies that got 10/10 score on iFixit for all their devices:

  • Fairphone have been doing this for some years alreay for smartphones (and just announced their last flagship device) - iFixit
  • framework laptops, their started a couple of years ago and it looks awesome (plus they got excellent reviews) - iFixit