👋 Nice to meet you, I’m Edoardo!

I’m currently based in Italy.

I started my professional life around 2010, I’m a self-taught software developer and sysadmin, Open source advocate and contributor, obsessed with creating value for others.

See what I’m up to now.

In my professional life, I’ve worn many hats:

  • DevOps engineer at Arduino, the Open-Source electronic prototyping platform;
  • Front-end, Back-end and Cloud developer at Vitsoe, a British furniture manufacturing company, realising furniture designs of Dieter Rams;
  • Front-end, Back-end and maker at TODO, an Italian interaction design studio;
  • Front-end, Backend and SysAdmin at weLaika, an Italian web agency.

I started learning programming through online resources and volunteering in an association were we developed websites and did SysAdmin work. I got my first job as beta tester and SysAdmin in 2010 at weLaika. During all the years I learn a bunch of web frameworks, multiple programming languages and an infinite amount of tools, and I keep learning.

I’m a Linux (mainly Ubuntu) user since ~2010 and currently using elementary OS as a daily driver.

I’m married, enjoy hiking and volunteering. I’m passionate about the Open Source, internet culture and knowledge management systems. I absolutely love crossovers, where cultures, styles, whatever mix to create something new - original + beautiful == 👨‍🍳👌.