Small changes happened!

Recently Google Domains announced is going to be acquired by Squarespace. So much for a good Google product :/ Squarespace has some really dauting prices, so I started evaluating a strategy.

So far nothing major happened, but I decided meanwhile to move away from GitHub pages for hosting the website, and trying out Netlify.
The main reason are avoid the DNS coupling GitHub pages require and being able to preview the content online and not having to rely on a local editor.
Hopefully I can setup a nice blogging environment with a devcontainer and have PRs acting as a draft system!

Another change is the blog repo no longer being public on GitHub. This repo didn’t have a license, so wasn’t really intended to be public; it was due to a GitHub limit, which allows using Pages on a private repo only on the paid plan.

So long and thanks for all the fish GitHub! The transition have been quite smooth, if not for the fact that changing DNS brought the site down for some days :( Opsfail, sorry.

I also decided to remove any links point to “the site formerly known as Twitter”, as I’m really not comfortable linking to that platform anymore. I’ll keep an account just to prevent squatting the username but I will not advertise it anymore.